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State of the Tropics - 2014 Report

Is life in the Tropics getting better? – The State of the Tropics 2014 Report addresses this nominally simple question. It provides the first in-depth, objective assessment of the Tropics as an environmental and geopolitical entity in its own right. The nature of this influence will depend on how the region addresses its many challenges, and whether it realises its potential and opportunities. 


We developed a clean minimalistic design-concept that features a 4 colour system to highlight and guide through each of the 4 main sections of the report. A unique format of 230mm x 270mm gives the report the due importance and commands attention by not falling back to a known DIN format.


In early 2011 a group of leading research institutions with an interest in tropical issues united to examine the condition of life in the Tropics. The group met in Singapore in mid-2011 to scope a project that would draw on shared expertise to report trends across a broad range of environmental, social and economic indicators. 


The State of the Tropics Report analyses a range of environmental, social and economic indicators to answer this question. The analysis shines a bright light on a variety of key issues and provides a foundation for policy makers, geopolitical analysts and other stakeholders to examine in greater detail the tropics and the major issues affecting it.

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TIMEFRAME: 2014 - 2015     

CLIENT: State of the Tropics 




  • Creative Direction

  • Layout 

  • Info-graphic 

  • Media Suite

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